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5 Stunning Maternity Shoot Poses

Pregnancy is such an intimate and precious time but also one that comes with its challenges, so when it comes to documenting it through a pregnancy photoshoot you want to keep it as hassle-free as possible. Here are 5 simple poses, for couples or mama alone that result in stunning maternity photographs.

I recently captured these breathtaking pregnancy photographs at Be Cool Studio in Manchester. The poses I directed for Tayo and Seyi were uncomplicated but really leaned into the intimacy between them and we utilised the props, background and lighting to create these stunning images.

1. The Classic Cradle

This timeless pose captures the connection between mother and baby. I had the mum-to-be, Tayo, cradle her baby bump gently with her hands, while standing in a relaxed and comfortable position. To add to the ethereal feel of the image I had her look off into the distance with the light reflecting of her face and adding a spark to her eyes. This pose beautifully showcases the maternal bond and the anticipation of holding her little one in her arms.

2. Wrapped in love

This pose showcases the intimacy between the parents and the love they both have for baby. In this tender pose I had dad, Seyi wrap his arms around the top and bottom of Tayo's bump, then Tayo intertwined her hands with his. This pose was super fun as I asked both to talk about what they thought the other would be like as parents and it ended in a few giggles which came across really well.

3. Ethereal embrace

In this heartwarming image, I had dad-to-be Seyi plant a kiss on Tayo's forehead whilst they held one another. For this pose we put the fabrics to use by having my assistant catch some of the Tayo's tulle dress in the breeze to create the ethereal photograph. For the backdrop I chose a sky blue satin fabric which paired well with Tayo's angelic tulle dress so it came together beautifully.

4. Expecting you

An oldie but a goodie, this pose involves placing a newborn item on the bump. We opted for a cute pair of shoes, but these can be substituted for a onesie or any other baby item. Tayo and Seyi were unified in both being active parents and I wanted this to be reflected in the photographs so for this pose I had Tayo cradling the bottom of her bump and dad-to-be Seyi supporting the bump but also holding the shoes on top of the bump. To add to the intimacy I had Tayo lean into Seyi slightly and him looking at her completely enamoured while she has her eyes closed is such a breathtaking moment.

5. Sweet Somethings

Our final pose was completely unplanned and was crafted from the connection between our couple. I had Tayo & Seyi share a seat and just whisper things into each other's ears and this was the result. It's always good to leave a little room for spontaneity because candid gems like this can come out of it.

I hope these poses help you when putting together your maternity mood board and I wish you an incredible pregnancy photoshoot.

To see more of my work, check out my portfolio and to book a shoot, explore my services and contact me.

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